Clean Beach Campaign 2015 || Gigantes Islands

Let’s keep our beaches plastic-free, litter-free, and barefoot-friendly! Join the Las Islas Clean Beach Campaign! 🙂

The first leg of the Las Islas Clean Beach Campaign was done in partnership with Ms. Maruja Reyes, owner and general manager of Maruja Flora’s Island Paradise Resort in Cabugao Gamay Island, the most popular among the Gigantes Group of Islands in Carles, Northern Iloilo, a rising tourism destination currently experiencing massive tourist influx because of the peak season. Improper garbage disposal and irresponsible tourists are just two of the major concerns not only in Cabugao Gamay Island, but also in the neighboring islands.

There is only one planet Earth. There is only one Philippines. If we don’t take care of our own home, then there wouldn’t be a home for future generations to come. Cleaning up the whole planet to help in its preservation is no joke. It’s not the role of just one person or organization. It’s the responsibility of every citizen on this planet. We can’t clean up the whole planet instantly, but we can start by being good and responsible neighbours or in our case, by being a responsible tour operator/travel agency. Please join our advocacy to clean up the Philippines one beach at a time!

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