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Las Islas Travel launches carbon footprint calculator to support every traveler’s carbon offsetting journey

Philippines – As a pioneering move in the Philippine tourism industry, Las Islas Travel Hub Unlimited, Inc. (Las Islas Travel) has recently launched a carbon footprint calculator that could help travelers calculate the carbon emissions generated from their travel activities. Calculating the carbon footprint of a particular activity is the first step toward offsetting emissions from traveling. Powered by Sustainable Travel International, the Las Islas Travel carbon footprint calculator is free for all and can be easily accessed on the Las Islas Travel website.

“At Las Islas Travel, we are dedicated to helping our clients leave behind a positive impact on the planet and the places that they visit. To make it easy for them to mitigate the climate impact of their travels, we have teamed up with Sustainable Travel International to offer a carbon footprint calculator on our website.,” Las Islas Travel Founder Aph Cruz said.

The travel industry contributes around 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with nearly half of the industry’s footprint coming from transportation alone. The new Las Islas Travel carbon footprint calculator helps travelers better understand their individual environmental impact by enabling them to calculate carbon emissions generated from taking flights, riding boats and other vehicles, and engaging in tourism activities. Climate-conscious travelers and average consumers alike can use the calculator to mitigate their carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offset credits from Sustainable Travel International after their carbon footprint has been calculated.

“The travel industry is in an opportune position to raise consumer awareness and advocate for climate action,” Sustainable Travel International CEO Paloma Zapata said. “We are proud to be partnering with Las Islas Travel to offer their customers this tool to mitigate their individual impact while simultaneously investing in climate solutions around the world.”

Carbon offset credits purchased via the calculator support Sustainable Travel International’s portfolio of high-quality climate projects, which includes forest conservation, clean energy, and blue carbon projects around the world. Sustainable Travel International carefully vets all of its carbon offset projects, supporting only those that are verified to deliver real and measurable emissions reductions. Additionally, Sustainable Travel International seeks out projects that provide community and environmental benefits beyond emissions reductions such as local job creation, improved living conditions, and biodiversity conservation. 

“We have always championed responsible tourism since our inception in 2014. We are taking our commitment a notch higher by giving our clients the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions generated from traveling,” Cruz added.

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